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corbin dvd
Vickie Lee's earlier lampwork beads are proudly displayed in the gallery section of the Essential Beadmaking DVD by Jay Shuster, Justin McBurnett and Freeman Corbin.

Thank you for such a fantastic honor and recognition in such an early stage of my bead lampworking career

Below is a Christmas card I sent when I was still doing my clown collection and a few of the many wonderful testimonials I've received in the 36 years that I have been selling my glass sculptures.

Jan 29, 2008: 
I got the beads and they are just spectacular.  Your photos are reeeeally good because they perfectly captured that mysterious blend of gold AND silver that was hinted at in the photo.  It's not too gold at all.  I absolutely am in love with them and I'm picky! Thank you for the extra!  I'll let you know if I need a couple more for earrings and will certainly send you photos of the finished product.

Peggy of Bonita, Ca. writes...
Dear Vickie,
I have been collecting your clowns since 1985-86, purchasing all of them at Circus Circus, Reno I accidentally broke a dark green kite on one of them and world like to get it replaced or repaired. Actually, the tail of the kite broke off from the kite itself. Please advice me the replacement cost and further instructions. Do you have a catalog?? Can the clowns be purchased in Southern California. I live in the San Diego area.
Peggy D.

Charles H in Carmel writes....
Hi Vickie,
Hope all is well with you. We are opening a 3rd store soon. We will be emphasizing hand made items. Your are one of our most important and featured artists. Haven't heard from you for a while. Give us a call if you maybe have a problem filling this order.
Charles H.
Holiday Hutch, Carmel, Ca.

Barbara P. of Reno writes....
Dear Vickie,
Yesterday was "the" big day. I had my Drs. appts and took the Doctor clowns you made with me, also wrote them a note and told them your were the best glassblower on the West Coast and in America in creating, designing and that this Dr. Clown was created just for them.
Vickie, you were a "sensational success". Every nurse was called into each office to view the clowns. They absolutely went crazy. How can I ever thank you enough.?
What a fine gal your are, and how very sincere my thanks are, and yes, do send me one of your new catalogs, Bet they will be the most popular. Again, I thank you Vickie.
Love and Best Regards,
Crystal Palace, Reno Hilton

Martin writes....
What a great figurine..!  Just received the gift from Polly yesterday and thought I would drop you a quick note. We spent a great deal of time last night studying all the nuances. You have really captured my essence. Polly had told me that your specialty was clowns, but it is particularly apropos at this time as we start our legislative session here in Alaska, it always seems like a circus.
Thanks for your efforts_ it is way cool...!!!  Blue & Gold Forever...!!!
Martin Richard
Director of Investments, Alaska
Former high school classmate.  

WR. Steele of Pleasanton, Ca. writes....
Vickie and her husband, leased a section of our store to merchandise their crafts for the holiday season. Their crafts, along with the professional way they presented themselves and their merchandise were a real asset to our organization. They generated approximately $12,000 worth of business in our mall which is about one third occupied. We are looking forward to having them again next year.
W.R. Steel
Store Manager
JC. Penney Co.

Victoria Gardens in Palo Alto writes.....
Dear Vickie,
Having done business with you while managing the gift department at Orchard Nursery, and knowing the quality of your work, I am wondering if you could find the time to bring a wide range of your samples to my new place of employment at your earliest convenience.
We are looking for something quite special and distinctive, such as the hummingbird and seagull on wire for our added touch to a pot of green. When you come we can discuss any other ideas you might be able to personlize for us.
Looking forward to seeing you again, we enjoyed doing business together, and possible will be able to pick up where we left off.
Shirley Janey
House Manager
Victoria Gardens

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